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New England Journal of Medicine logo with photos of Daphna and Stroumsa and Anna Kirkland Health Coverage and Care for Transgender People — Threats and Opportunities

In a December Perspective article for the New England Journal of MedicineDaphna Stroumsa (Ob/Gyn) and Anna Kirkland (IRWG) argue for protections of LGBTQ+ people in healthcare (and more broadly).

magazine cover "Vaccine" Working group publishes recommendations for a successful COVID-19 vaccination program

IRWG director Anna Kirkland was part of an NSF-funded COVID-19 Working Group that recently published recommendations for strengthening public confidence in COVID-19 vaccines through social science research, community-focused implementation, transparency, and public oversight. 

purple square with text "grad student fellowships" Accepting Applications for Graduate Student Fellowships

IRWG announces two fellowships for doctoral students, accepting applications through January 6, 2021.

IRWG/Rackham Community of Scholars 2020 Virtual Symposium 2020 Community of Scholars Virtual Symposium

The Community of Scholars is an interdisciplinary feminist workshop allowing a select group of doctoral candidates from a range of disciplines—ranging from Comparative Literature to Public Health to Education—to engage with each other in rigorous, generative conversations. This Symposium showcases the research and writing that emerged from an intensive 7-week-long summer workshop. 

photo of a sunset with a silhouette of a woman's arm outstretched. text overlaid says "MiStory: recovery begins with my voice" The Development of the MiStory International Trauma Recovery Research Consortium

The Multicultural Study of Trauma Recovery (MiStory) is an international research consortium working to understand how context

Gender, Women's Suffrage, and Political Power: Past, Present, and Future Gender, Women’s Suffrage, and Political Power: Past, Present, and Future (GWSPP), November 18-21, 2020

The Gender, Women’s Suffrage, and Political Power: Past, Present, and Future (GWSPP) conference is a multi-day virtual meeting that brings together academics and activists to explore the critical history of women’s suffrage and political power, and the future possibilities for expanding gender equity in political participation and representation in the United States and across the globe.

photo of Sara McClelland Uncovering Racist and Sexist Stereotypes in Social Science Research

“Surveys used in public opinion research often contain meanings and assumptions that remain out of sight of the researchers who rely on them.” Prof. Sara McClelland was recently awarded a three-year grant from Indiana University to assess the presence of negative stereotypes in research about abortion.

photo of Katharine McCabe Drug Tests and Pregnant Patients: Investigating the Intersections of Law and Health

Profile of Dr. Katharine McCabe's research on the intersections of law, policy, and reproductive health.

photo of Tuğçe Kayaal How I Spent My Summer at IRWG

Reflections from Tuğçe Kayaal on her summer work as a graduate student research assistant at IRWG.

Blue square with Mcubed and IRWG logos. Research Incentive Awards Updates from IRWG-Mcubed Research Incentive Grants

Summer updates from faculty cubes awarded additional funding to incorporate gender into research projects