Faculty Research Support Services

The Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWG) within the Office of Research (UMOR) has staff who provide assistance to U-M faculty applying for external funding opportunities. 

Research Development

color photo of Jocelyn StittJocelyn Fenton Stitt, Program Director for Faculty Research Development, helps U-M faculty advance their research by finding extramural funding sources and developing grant proposals.

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Top 5 Ways Jocelyn Works with Faculty on Grants

1) Meet with you to talk about your research agenda and what funding opportunities exist in your field.

2) Once funding is identified, we can work on grant writing strategies. For example, some required sections of grant proposals are more challenging than others and we can talk about how to most effectively communicate your research. 

3) Parse out the criteria the grant proposal will be judged by - often I can see this more clearly or differently than the researcher who is heavily involved with highlighting the innovation of their project.

4) Workshop drafts of the grant, matching what you've written to the grant's selection criteria. In my work with faculty at this stage, I move from being your biggest cheerleader to looking for weaknesses in your writing, evidence, or argument.  I read your grant much like an award committee member - what are you assuming I should know that isn't clear? Where is the project actually more innovative than you are taking credit for?

5) Develop with you a draft of the budget and/or timeline. Reviewers sometimes turn to the budget first to get a sense of what you are going to spend their money on. The budget needs to communicate your aims as much as the narrative statement.

Ready to begin? Contact Jocelyn Stitt, Program Director of Faculty Research Development at jocstitt@umich.edu.


Contract and Grant Administration

photo of Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker, Contracts and Grants Administrator, assists U-M faculty in both the pre-award and post-award grant management process. 

  • Pre-award assistance includes:
    • reviewing proposal announcement guidelines and restrictions;
    • provides an submission timeline for important application deadlines;
    • budget development;
    • completion of required sponsor/agency forms;

Faculty who intend to submit a grant proposal through IRWG should complete the Notice of Intent to Submit a Grant Proposal.  The completed form will route to Lisa Parker who will contact you to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss further details.

  • Post-award assistance includes:
    • work with the UM Office of Research and Sponsored Projects to understand the terms and conditions of the project award;
    • initiate any subcontract required on project;
    • provide monthly financial summary reports and projections;
    • make sure annual sponsor progress reports are submitted in a timely manner;
    • handle expenditure compliance issues (annual uniform guidance reports);
    • complete appropriate budget reallocations;
    • submit requests for no-cost time extension
    • coordinate salary effort for project personnel;
    • manage close-out/inactivation process for award

Contact Lisa Parker with pre- and post-award inquiries via email at wooliver@umich.edu.