Scholarly Community

women at table in discussionFaculty who are doing research on women, gender, and sexuality can find a strong support system and network at IRWG.

Funds, resources such as space and technology, and administrative support are available for faculty-initiated residencies, projects, groups, and collaborations.


Current Programs and Initiatives

An ongoing speaker series addressing interdisciplinary research and scholarship on sexuality. LGQRI presents public events throughout each academic year.

This program seeks to develop forums and dialogue produced at the junction of postcolonial, empire, comparative ethnic, critical race, gender, and sexuality studies. 

This faculty led program seeks to bring together diverse speakers and researchers working in the emerging field of black feminist health sciences. 

The Building Capacity for Women’s Health program supports faculty and researchers in low-income countries who work in the area of women’s health. 

A year-long interdisciplinary series of speakers and a conference on the complex social histories of the #metoo and #timesup contemporary social movements at the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus in the 2018-19 academic year. 

The Michigan Women’s Surgical Collaborative (MWSC) is composed of a diverse group of academic female surgeons across promotion ranks, tracks and surgical disciplines.

This initiative brings together scholars, practitioners, and activists from across disciplines to share strategies and develop innovative ideas to end gender-based violence.

The Consortium for Gender-Responsive Prisoner Healthcare aims to gather the often-siloed efforts of academics, formerly incarcerated people, healthcare professionals, prisoner advocates, victims and their families, Department of Corrections officials, and public health directors to provide gender-responsive, trauma-informed care for people incarcerated. 

Join the Scholarly Community

Programs provide ongoing activities and events on a specific theme related to women, gender, and/or sexuality.

Guest appointment for faculty, postdoctoral scholars and researchers to reside at IRWG for up to one year, without funding.

Meeting space and administrative support for ongoing study groups of U-M faculty and graduate students engaged in gender scholarship.

Open to researchers and faculty on all three University of Michigan campuses. 

IRWG Faculty Affiliates

There are 150 IRWG faculty affiliates from more than 51 different departments which make up a core group we look to for creating collaborations, meeting like-minded scholars, and participating in planning sessions and brainstorming to build ambitious research projects. Gender may be the primary focus of their work, or it may be just one part among many.

Use the table below to browse affiliated faculty. Learn more about becoming an affiliate here.

Name Department Link to Faculty Profile
Charlotte Albrecht

American Culture, Women's Studies

Allison Alexy

Asian Langages and Cultures, Women's Studies

Elizabeth Anderson


Naomi Andre

Afroamerican and African Studies, Residential College, Women's Studies

Renee Anspach

Sociology, Women's Studies

Irina Aristarkhova

Art & Design, Women's Studies

Elizabeth Armstrong

Sociology, Women's Studies

Ketra Armstrong

Kinesiology, Women's Studies

Pam Aronson


Ella August


Visiting Scholars Program





"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the IRWG core and affiliated faculty, attending lectures and related events, as well as having the honor of presenting my own work for IRWG and several classes taught by IRWG faculty. . . I am grateful for the developing collaborations. Thank you again for your support and for the opportunity to work with the faculty and staff at IRWG."

- NiCole T. Buchanan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Michigan State University, 2016-17 IRWG Senior Visiting Scholar