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women at table in discussionFaculty who are doing research on women, gender, and sexuality can find a strong support system and network at IRWG. Funds, resources such as space and technology, and administrative support are available for faculty-initiated residencies, projects, groups, and collaborations.

Information you'll find on this page includes:

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IRWG Faculty Affiliates

Become an AffiliateThere are over 150 IRWG faculty affiliates from more than 51 different departments which make up a core group we look to for creating collaborations, meeting like-minded scholars, and participating in planning sessions and brainstorming to build ambitious research projects. Gender may be the primary focus of their work, or it may be just one part among many.

Faculty affiliates also take part in Expert Advisory Panels, who convene for lunchtime conversations and reviews of each other's grant proposals and other similar written work. Co-facilitated by director Anna Kirkland, and director of research development, Dr. Jocelyn Stitt, these regular meetings include IRWG affiliates, postdoctoral fellows, and other gender scholars from the 3 campuses, with lunch provided in Lane Hall. Attendees will receive a copy of the work to be reviewed in advance. The goal of these panels is to augment our faculty networks and to spur interesting, new relationships and ideas.

Use the table below to browse affiliated faculty by department. Learn more about becoming an affiliate here.

Faculty Affiliates

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Assistant Professor, Women's Studies
Professor, Psychology and Women's Studies
Clinical Assistant Professor, Social Work, Athletics
Academic Director, Health Sciences Scholars Program
Associate Professor, English Language & Literature
Professor - American Culture, History, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor - Asian Languages and Cultures, Women's Studies

Join the Scholarly Community

Programs provide ongoing activities and events on a specific theme related to women, gender, and/or sexuality.

Guest appointment for faculty, postdoctoral scholars and researchers to reside at IRWG for up to one year, without funding.

Meeting space and administrative support for ongoing study groups of U-M faculty and graduate students engaged in gender scholarship.

Open to researchers and faculty on all three University of Michigan campuses. 

Visiting Scholars Program





"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the IRWG core and affiliated faculty, attending lectures and related events, as well as having the honor of presenting my own work for IRWG and several classes taught by IRWG faculty. . . I am grateful for the developing collaborations. Thank you again for your support and for the opportunity to work with the faculty and staff at IRWG."

- NiCole T. Buchanan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Michigan State University, 2016-17 IRWG Senior Visiting Scholar