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Faculty Affiliates


IRWG affiliates make up a core group we look to for creating collaborations, meeting like-minded scholars, and participating in planning sessions and brainstorming lunches in order to build ambitious research projects.

Affiliates will be listed on the IRWG website to facilitate networking, to strengthen our connections across campus and across disciplines, and to make us more visible and helpful to each other. See our list of over 250 current faculty affiliates.

IRWG affiliates also take part in Expert Advisory Panels, who convene for conversations and reviews of each other's grant proposals and other similar written work.  These facilitated meetings include IRWG affiliates, postdoctoral fellows, and other gender scholars from the 3 campuses. Attendees will receive a copy of the work to be reviewed in advance. The goal of these panels is to augment our faculty networks and to spur interesting, new relationships and ideas.


Open to faculty, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, and doctoral students on all three University of Michigan campuses. Gender may be the primary focus of your work, or it may be just one part among many.

IRWG faculty affiliate is not a formal HR title and it carries no new obligations, nor any funding.

Interested in becoming an IRWG Affiliate?

Please fill out and submit the form below. The information you provide will be used to create your IRWG faculty affiliate profile. This information will be published on the IRWG website, and will be used to support the institute's mission of connecting gender scholars across the University of Michigan.

Questions or problems with the form? Please contact Heidi Bennett (heidiab@umich.edu).

Are you a current IRWG affiliate?

Become an IRWG Faculty Affiliate