Faculty Affiliates

Become an AffiliateThere are over 150 IRWG faculty affiliates from more than 51 different departments which make up a core group we look to for creating collaborations, meeting like-minded scholars, and participating in planning sessions and brainstorming to build ambitious research projects. Gender may be the primary focus of their work, or it may be just one part among many.

Faculty affiliates also take part in Expert Advisory Panels, who convene for lunchtime conversations and reviews of each other's grant proposals and other similar written work. Co-facilitated by director Anna Kirkland, and director of research development, Dr. Jocelyn Stitt, these regular meetings include IRWG affiliates, postdoctoral fellows, and other gender scholars from the 3 campuses, with lunch provided in Lane Hall. Attendees will receive a copy of the work to be reviewed in advance. The goal of these panels is to augment our faculty networks and to spur interesting, new relationships and ideas.

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Assistant Professor, Women's Studies
Professor, Psychology and Women's Studies
Clinical Assistant Professor, Social Work, Athletics
Academic Director, Health Sciences Scholars Program
Associate Professor, English Language & Literature
Professor - American Culture, History, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor - Asian Languages and Cultures, Women's Studies
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor of Women's Studies
Professor of Dance
Assistant Professor, History of Art & Romance Languages and Literatures
Professor, Theatre & Drama
Assistant Professor of Romance Languages
Professor of Music, Voice
Assistant Professor - American Culture, Women's Studies
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Professor of Nursing
Professor of Art & Design and Women's Studies
Assistant Professor
Professor of Art & Design and Women's Studies
Assistant Professor - American Culture, Women's Studies
Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Learning Health Sciences
Associate Professor, Dance
Assistant Professor of Dance
Assistant Research Scientist
Professor, Health Behavior and Health Education