Amal Hassan Fadlalla

Professional Title

Associate Professor, Anthropology, Women’s Studies, and Afroamerican and African Studies


Women's Studies
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA)
Afroamerican & African Studies


Amal Hassan Fadlalla is Associate Professor of Anthropology, Women’s Studies, and Afroamerican and African studies at the University of Michigan. Her research interests and teaching focus on global issues and perspectives related to gender, health, reproduction, diaspora, transnationalism, population, development, and human rights and humanitarianism. She holds and Masters degrees from the University of Khartoum, Sudan (1986, 1992) and a Ph. D from Northwestern University (2000).      

Scholarly Interests: Gender, transnationalism, health, reproduction, identity, poverty, and population and development, and the situation of such analyses in gender dynamics, social inequalities, cultural worldviews, and local and global political economies (Africa, the Middle East, and the Diaspora).

Research Interests

reproductive health