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J.T. Blatty, Portrait of Iryna Tsvila from the series The Volunteers, 2018, photograph. Displayed as part of the “I have a crisis for you”: Women Artists of Ukraine Respond to War Exhibit at the University of Michigan. Lane Hall exhibit on Ukraine featured in professional association magazine

The Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies featured a story about the fall exhibit, “I have a crisis for you”: Women Artists of Ukraine Respond to War. 

graphic of a butterfly with text that says "IRWG Incubator Awards: 2023 Recipients" 2023 IRWG Incubator Awards

IRWG has awarded $15,000 to two faculty projects as part of a new incubator initiative. 

photos of Gary Harper and Lisa Harris IRWG Affiliates Honored with Thurnau Professorships

Two of the five faculty members recently named Arthur F. Thurnau Professors are also IRWG afffiliates!

Elaine Cromie, Ippe Nifee Debiru (featuring Takazato Suzuyo), 2022, digital photography and collage. Portraits of Feminism in Japan features original works by contemporary artists

A new art exhibit in the University of Michigan’s Lane Hall interrogates current and historical feminist activism in Japan

Portraits of Feminism in Japan Portraits of Feminism in Japan | Winter 2023 Lane Hall Exhibit Space

Spotlighting the history of Japanese studies at the University of Michigan, Lane Hall will have a new exhibit titled Portraits of Feminism in Japan, with portraits of eight feminists who have shaped the landscape of women's and gender rights in Japan and beyond.

Faculty led programs are now IRWG Incubators Faculty-Led Program Areas Have a New Name & Approaching Deadline

In response to the changing needs of our community, IRWG has been rethinking some of our long standing programs. Faculty-Led Program Areas will now have an annual call and an initial program period of two years with the possibility of renewal, and a new name.

Sarah Ellerholz, Allison Alexy, and Terrence Crimes practice using an AED on a mannequin Lane Hall Staff Gets AED & CPR Training

An AED, or automated external defibrillator, was recently installed on the first floor of Lane Hall, across from the elevator.

Inviting inquiries and nominations for IRWG's next faculty director. Job Posting: IRWG Director

The University of Michigan Institute for Research on Women & Gender invites inquiries and nominations for its next Director.

How U-M Provided Abortion Care Before Roe: Archival research offers lessons for post-Dobbs era

A new report provides historical insight on how administrators and counselors at the University of Michigan supported students, faculty, and staff seeking abortion care in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when abortion was illegal statewide. 

2022 Faculty Seed Grant Awards 2022 Faculty Seed Grant Awards

Funded projects include individual research activities, initial research efforts, performances, and community-based research.