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blue square with IRWG and Mcubed logos IRWG Mcubed Research Incentive

The Institute for Research on Women announces an incentive competition for funded Mcubed collaborations

young woman at a protest holding a hand-written poster that reads "Intersectional Feminism Matters" New study shows shows that the Women's March promotes support for intersectional activism

Michael Heaney's study, "Intersectionality at the Grassroots" was recently published in the journal Politics, Groups, and Identities

photo of Prof. Wang Zheng at a lectern. the screen behind her shows pictures of Chinese feminist activists Transnational Feminist Summer Institute

The “Transnational Feminist Histories” project hosted a nine-day feminist summer institute, organized by Professor Wang Zheng. Participants included young feminist students and scholars who have been working on the history of international socialist feminism.

wordcloud in blue and red Announcing 2019 Faculty Seed Grant Awards

The Institute for Research on Women and Gender has awarded 24 Seed Grants for faculty projects on women, gender, and sexuality.

Elizabeth Roberts and a rooftop tinaco (water tank) in Mexico City Water Insecurity and Gender in Mexico City

Professor Elizabeth Roberts and her research team have recently begun fieldwork in Mexico City, as part of her “Neighborhood Environments as Socio-Techno-bio Systems: Water Quality, Public Trust, and Health in Mexico City."

Reflections on the Updated Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

In a new commentary for the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Michelle Segar (IRWG Research Scientist & SHARP center director) and Dr. Martin Gibala (McMaster University) propose a new metaphor for thinking about physical activity: a movement menu. 

Feminist Research Seminar: Reverberations

Scholarships and publications emerging from IRWG's Feminist Research Seminars

image of abstract colors and lines with text reading"2019 Graduate Student Research Fellowships" Announcing 2019 Graduate Student Research Awards

The Institute for Research on Women and Gender has awarded 11 graduate students funding to support wide-ranging projects related to women, gender, and sexuality.

photo of Marisa Ensor, Amal Hassan Fadlalla, and Mike Morrow in front of a banner that reads "Africa Program" at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC Speaking on Sudanese Activism in D.C.

Professor Amal Hassan Fadlalla featured at Woodrow Wilson Center

image of multicolored hands with the words "join us" in the center Expanding our Network: IRWG Faculty Affiliates

Michigan faculty are engaged in all kinds of exciting research. From healthcare to the humanities, the scope of gender research is vast.