Working group publishes recommendations for a successful COVID-19 vaccination program

magazine cover "Vaccine"
magazine cover "Vaccine"

IRWG director Anna Kirkland was part of an NSF-funded COVID-19 Working Group that recently published recommendations for strengthening public confidence in COVID-19 vaccines through social science research, community-focused implementation, transparency, and public oversight.

"This working group brought together a wide range of expertise to think through what will be needed politically and socially as well as scientifically to get us to a covid vaccine that earns public trust,” explains Kirkland. “We emphasize protecting vulnerable communities first."

The report, “The public’s role in COVID-19 vaccination: Human-centered recommendations to enhance pandemic vaccine awareness, access, and acceptance in the United States” was published in the journal, Vaccine. Read the full article online at:

The COVID-19 Working Group effort was supported by the National Science Foundation-funded Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Network and the CONVERGE facility at the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado Boulder (NSF Award #1841338).

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