Working group publishes recommendations for a successful COVID-19 vaccination program

IRWG director Anna Kirkland was part of an NSF-funded COVID-19 Working Group that recently published recommendations for strengthening public confidence in COVID-19 vaccines through social science research, community-focused implementation, transparency, and public oversight. 

Expanding our Network: IRWG Faculty Affiliates

Michigan faculty are engaged in all kinds of exciting research. From healthcare to the humanities, the scope of gender research is vast. On our decentralized campus, it can be difficult for feminist researchers to find one another. That is where IRWG comes in. With our new affiliate faculty program, we are gathering and connecting scholars from across the university who are integral to gender research.

IRWG Director Sarah Fenstermaker Announces Retirement

This September, Sarah Fenstermaker will conclude her five-year term as IRWG director and will retire to her home in California.

Dr. Fenstermaker had a long career of feminist scholarship in sociology and women’s studies and was a longtime campus administrative leader at the University of California, Santa Barbara before joining us at Michigan in 2012.