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book covers: Translocas and Trans and Genderqueer Subjects in Medieval Hagiography
book covers: Translocas and Trans and Genderqueer Subjects in Medieval Hagiography

April 2021

Congratulations to IRWG affiliate faculty Larry La Fountain-Stokes and Blake Gutt on their recent book publications! We plan to feature both in our Gender: New Works, New Questions series next year.

Translocas: The Politics of Puerto Rican Drag and Trans Performance by Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes is now out from the University of Michigan Press.

  • Translocas focuses on drag and transgender performance and activism in Puerto Rico and its diaspora. Arguing for its political potential, La Fountain-Stokes explores the social and cultural disruptions caused by Latin American and Latinx “locas” (effeminate men, drag queens, transgender performers, and unruly women) and the various forms of violence to which queer individuals in Puerto Rico and the U.S. are subjected. This interdisciplinary, auto-ethnographic, queer-of-color performance studies book explores the lives and work of contemporary performers and activists, television programs, films, and literary works.
  • The U-M Press has a 30% discount if you are interested in purchasing it using the promotion code UMS21. Digital versions are available for free on Fulcrum (with university log-in) and through the library proxy (with U-M login).

Blake Gutt and Alicia Spencer-Hall are delighted to announce the publication of Trans and Genderqueer Subjects in Medieval Hagiography, out now with Amsterdam University Press. 

  • This edited volume presents an interdisciplinary examination of trans and genderqueer subjects in medieval hagiography. Scholarship has productively combined analysis of medieval literary texts with modern queer theory yet, too often, questions of gender are explored almost exclusively through a prism of sexuality, rather than gender identity. This volume moves beyond such limitations, foregrounding the richness of hagiography as a genre integrally resistant to limiting binaristic categories, including rigid gender binaries. The collection showcases scholarship by emerging trans and genderqueer authors, as well as the work of established researchers. 
  • The ‘Introduction’ and ‘Usage Guide’ are available to download for free from the Press’ website. If you’d like to purchase a copy of the book, then you can get 20% off the list price till 6 June with the code Pub_TGMH. The code is valid for the hardback and eBook on the Amsterdam University Press website (customers based in UK/Europe/Rest of World) and for the hardback on the BTPS website (customers based in US/Canada). 
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