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Keywords for Latina/o Studies

Keywords for Latina/o Studies (New York University Press, 2017) is a transformative volume that includes 63 short keyword essays by 65 leading Latina/o studies scholars. The book attempts to synthesize and reflect on the state of the field and includes provocative articles on a wide range of topics such as Afro-Latinas/os, Chicana/o/@/x, Feminism, Gender, Latinidad, Performance, Race, Raza, Spirituality, and Sterilization. Please join us for this panel discussion with volume coeditor Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes (U-M) and contributors Sheila Contreras (MSU), María E.

Wai Wai Nu, International Award-Winning Rohingya Activist

Join CEW+ for an inspirational evening featuring a student fellowship poster session, lightning lectures from faculty recipients of the inaugural CEW+Inspire Award, and the keynote Christobel Kotelawela Weerasinghe lecture by international and award-winning activist, Wai Wai Nu, who is working for human rights and women's equality for the Rohingya people in her home country of Myanmar.

Digital Queers: LGBTQ Representations in Contemporary Television

This symposium brings together global scholars, activists, and media producers who address contemporary representations of LGBTQ people on television. How have queer images changed in the past ten years? What difference do new distribution channels -- YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime -- make to sexual diversity in shows? How does LGBTQ television content migrate around the globe? And what are the ongoing limits of queer representation?

4 - 5:30 PM

Aymar Jean Christian, Northwestern University

Eve Ng, Ohio University