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CANCELED/POSTPONED: “Let Woman Choose Her Sphere" - UM Concert Band Celebrates the Centenary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment

CANCELED/POSTPONED as of 3/12/2020.

UM’s Concert Band showcases women’s fight for equality in celebration of the centenary of the ratification fo the 19th amendment.

"Anonymous Autonomous" Work in Progress Community Demo

Anonymous Autonomous is a robotic art installation being developed by Katherine Behar, Artist in Residence at the University of Michigan, together with a team of U-M students. As the Fall 2019 semester draws to a close, we invite the U-M community to meet the team and see the work in progress with live demos of the robots and experimentation in the Duderstadt Center Gallery.

Exhibit Opening & Reception: New York City’s Vanished Cafeterias

The streets of New York City were filled with hundreds of cafeterias, self-service eating establishments, during the early to mid-20th Century. Marcia Bricker Halperin documented Dubrow’s and other cafeterias in their waning days, drawn to the memorable faces and the liveliness and sorrow of urban life in that vanished world.

Poetry (& More) with Kay Ulanday Barrett

The Spectrum Center, Council for Disability Concerns, and School of Social Work DEI are very excited to host multi-talented brown trans disabled artist, Kay Ulanday Barrett this November. Kay is a poet, performer, and educator whose work has been supported and published by organizations including the UN Global LGBTQ+ Summit, the Asian American Literary Review, and Race Forward. Join us in hosting them during Trans Awareness Week to hear about their work, both in reading and in their experience creating it.

Unruly Figures, Vernacular Idioms: Politics of Sexuality in India

This talk reflects on the key interventions of Navaneetha Mokkil’s recently published book Unruly Figures: Queerness, Sex Work and the Politics of Sexuality in Kerala.  Mokkil tracks the cultural practices through which sexual figures are produced in the public imagination and how these figures are accessed and deployed by marginalized sexual subjects, primarily the sex worker and the lesbian, as they stage their own fractured journeys of resistance in the post-1990s context of globalization.

Poetry, Politics and Mapuche Feminism: Readings and Dialogues with Daniela Catrileo

The mapuche poet and feminist activist Daniela Catrileo will lead a workshop about mapuche poetry, with the reading of selected poems and the display of performances that exhibit the political tensions in the context of violence and displacement of mapuche people living in urban areas of what we call today Chile. The conversation will be in Spanish with translations into English.

Feminist Art in Action Panel Discussion - Feminist Futures Series

Join us for a discussion about Feminist Art in Action with Stamps School of Art & Design Professors, Irina Aristarkhova, Carol Jacobsen and Joanne Leonard moderated by LeAnn Fields, Senior Executive Editor, University of Michigan Press. A response to panelist presentations will be given by Stamps Assistant Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec. Books by all panelists will be available for sale. A book signing will follow the event.