From Exhaustion to Empowerment: Individual and Organizational Solutions to Address Burnout in Higher Education

Dr. Margaret Sallee will discuss the factors contributing to burnout among higher education faculty and staff and offer individual and organizational solutions to counteract burnout and create environments where all employees can thrive.

"Money Talks": Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

This is part of a monthly series of workshops from the Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWG) at the University of Michigan, to promote faculty research. 

We will be discussing why the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health, might be of interest to IRWG researchers. In this session, we will briefly introduce the priorities of RWJF and their current and forecasted funding opportunities.

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Faculty Book Proposal Workshop

Jocelyn will discuss the components of a book proposal, how to approach them, and how not being able to meet editors at conferences due to COVID-19 is changing the publishing landscape. She will also provide written feedback to everyone enrolled in the workshop on their drafts or meet individually with participants to talk about kick starting the process.

Enrollment is limited to 10 pre and post-tenure faculty members.