Giving Blueday 2018


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IRWG is pleased to participate in Giving Blueday once again this year!

What is Giving Blueday?

Giving Blueday is the University of Michigan’s annual day of giving. Scheduled to coincide with Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving following Thanksgiving weekend, Giving Blueday is a day for everyone who loves Michigan to join together to combine their support and maximize impact. The fifth annual Giving Blueday will take place on Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

How will my gift to IRWG be used?

This year we are focusing all of our Giving Blueday efforts towards supporting our Community of Scholars graduate fellowship. Founded more than 20 years ago, this competitive four-month summer fellowship brings together PhD candidates who are engaged in scholarly research or other creative projects focusing on women, gender or sexuality from across disciplines and fields. All awardees participate in a weekly seminar led by professor to workshop a chapter of their dissertation and gain critical feedback from peers in different disciplines. After the two-month-long seminar series, students are afforded significant time and support to continue their research and writing over the summer. The scholars reconvene in the fall to showcase their work at a public symposium.

Donations will be used for direct financial support of doctoral students in the Community of Scholars program. This includes a monthly stipend for May-August and health insurance, which allows the students to focus on their research and commit significant time to completing their dissertation outside the regular school year (when they receive other funding from teaching or grants).

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How does the Community of Scholars (COS) program help students?

"The Community of Scholars program fundamentally shaped who I am as a researcher, and as a colleague. The time it afforded to think deeply about the feminist implications of my work, and the community of incredible feminists that it brought together to work collaboratively over the course of several months was one of the highlights of my time in graduate school. What I learned with and from the Community of Scholars I will take with me for the rest of my career." - Joseph Gamble, PhD Candidate, English and Women's Studies, 2018 COS Fellow


“As my first structured writing/peer feedback space, COS was incredibly helpful in launching me into a supportive community in the early stages of dissertation writing. Importantly, it made clear to me the social process of writing, participating in intellectual exchange, and doing interdisciplinary work -- things that we can sometimes forget in the isolationist enterprise of dissertation writing. I left with a greater understanding of how to make my scholarly inquiries and work legible to broader audiences beyond the specific disciplines my work engages.”  - Jallicia Jolly, PhD Candidate, American Culture, 2018 COS Fellow


“COS provides interdisciplinary scholars situated across various fields a supportive space to initiate the truly difficult work of translating the stakes of our feminist research to one another in supportive, creative, and nuanced ways. The COS fellowship helped me progress in the writing of my dissertation and journal article publication.”  - Peggy K. Lee, Doctoral Candidate in American Culture, 2018 COS Fellow


“COS has been instrumental in the development of research. The interdisciplinary space in particular was invaluable for the ways it freshened my perspective on my work. I'm leaving the fellowship with a clearer sense of what is most salient about my research, and how to better communicate with scholars from disparate fields in my writing.” - Sunhay You, PhD Candidate, English and Women's Studies, 2018 COS Fellow


“COS was an extremely valuable opportunity for me to meet other feminist scholars. The feedback that I got for my own work from COS participants and facilitator Victor Mendoza was especially helpful because feminist perspectives are underrepresented in my own department. Workshopping each other's writing in the rigorous, but also friendly and empowering environment that COS provided has deeply impacted my thinking and my perspective on academic collaboration. I have continued meeting with individual workshop participants since the conclusion of the workshop, who have become invaluable interlocutors as I work towards finishing my dissertation.” - Andrea Rottmann, PhD Candidate, Germanic Language and Literatures, 2018 COS Fellow


Mark your calendar for November 27, 2018 and support feminist research and scholarship by making a gift to IRWG!


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