Black Queer Kinship Histories Conference Day 2


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A collage made by Anna Almore.
Participants : 

- Darius Bost

- Jennifer Jones

- Eshe Sherley

- M Aziz

- Casidy Campbell

- SaraEllen Strongman

- Sydney Tunstall

- Mix Mann

- Mara Johnson

- Andrea Bolivar

- LaVelle Ridley

- Cassius Adair

- Gabriel Johnson

- Anna Almore

- Adrian King

Event Date: 
October 20, 2023
Event Time: 
10:00am to 5:00pm
Tisch Hall
A collage made by Anna Almore.


D Hutchinson was a doctoral candidate in History that brought joy and intellectual community to every space across the University of Michigan campus. This conference seeks to not only channel the spirit of intellectual kinship D generously shared with us but to also create space for rigorous engagement with D’s central research questions. We have curated a day of learning that invites an interdisciplinary audience of critical thinkers to key questions related to Black queer kinship, history, and possibility.

The conference will bring together D’s beloved family and friends, interdisciplinary scholars, as well as U-M faculty, graduate students, and alumni who, over the course of two days, will reflect on D’s most catalytic research interests as well as their profound scholastic engagement with Black queer kinship.

Conference Schedule:

10:00 am | Welcome + Conference Keynote
Darius Bost

11:00 am | Roundtable 1: Celebrating D as student, friend and relative
Jennifer Jones, Eshe Sherley, M Aziz, Casidy Campbell

1:30 pm | Roundtable 2: Kinship & the Healing Work of Queer Theory
SaraEllen Strongman, Sydney Tunstall, Mix Mann, Mara Johnson

3:15 pm | Roundtable 3: Current topics in Theory and Histories
Andrea Bolivar, LaVelle Ridley, Cassius Adair, Gabriel Johnson

4:45 pm | Closing
Anna Almore, Adrian King