IRWG Faculty Receive NIH Grant to Study Tobacco Use, Discrimination, and Health in the LGBT Population

Sean Esteban McCabe (primary investigator), Carol Boyd, and Philip Veliz (co-investigators), were awarded funding from the National Institutes of Health for their project titled, “Health, Stress, and Tobacco Use Disparities among Sexual Minority Populations.” 

Teens Who Misuse Pain Meds are More Likely to Abuse Drugs as Adults

A new University of Michigan study about substance abuse confirms why parents should properly dispose of leftover prescription opioids.

When teens use codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone and other prescription opioids for nonmedical purposes, they become at risk to develop a substance use disorder by age 35, U-M researchers said.

Physical Activity May Disguise Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Student Athletes

Wondering how to select the best sport for your son or daughter? While parents often consider their children’s natural talents and inclinations, IRWG Assistant Research Professor Philip Veliz says it’s also important to know that some sports more frequently correlate with drug and alcohol abuse than others.