lane hall gallery

Pride Month: Lane Hall Exhibit celebrates embodiments of gender and identity

In the ongoing exhibit in Lane Hall, Rogério M. Pinto (School of Social Work) invites audiences to join his exploration of myriad embodied gender states, based on intersecting childhood traumas and life experiences. In My Gender States, Pinto shares his deep and abiding grief related to the childhood death of his sister and his own subsequent gender embodiments, stemming from the belief that he was his deceased sister. 

Lane Hall Exhibit playfully explores the intersections of art, feminism, and the STEM field

Explore the intricate and interlocking world of Sarah Buckius’ “!!!techn010ffspring!!!” where feminist art meets science and the history of invention! Special programs include a creative workshop, interactive performance, and artist talk & reception.

Call for Exhibit Nominations

The Women's and Gender Studies Department and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender invite nominations for an exhibit to be hosted in the Lane Hall Exhibit Space from January–July or August–December 2024. Proposed exhibits should be broadly related to issues of women and gender. The nomination period for the Winter Semester exhibit is September 12 through October 25, 2023. Notification of selection will be made by November 1, 2023.

Nominations for exhibits come from University faculty. 

Performance: If (x = Robot), Then (y = Move fast and break things); In the (z = Self-Cleaning House); of (n = Coherent Nonsense); While (m = Being Mechanical Turk);

This interactive performance investigates female-coded personae of robots, code-based work of mechanical turks, the invention of the “self-cleaning house” and Silicon Valley’s motto to “move fast and break things."