feminist science studies

Feminism and the Biological Sciences: New Directions

This symposium explores the intersections of feminist and biological and biomedical research, focusing on sex and gender within neuroscience, epigenetics, immunology, and epidemiology. 

What Knowers Know Well: Why Feminism Matters to Archaeology

Feminist Science Studies lecture by Alison Wylie, Professor of Philosophy at the Universities of Washington (Seattle) and Durham (UK).

Politicized Science: Why Evidence Still Matters

Feminist Science Studies lecture by Sharyn Clough, Professor of Philosophy, Oregon State University

Moms and Newborns: Public Duties and Personal Concerns in Immunizations and Newborn Screening

In this presentation across disciplines, sociologist of medicine and gender Jennifer Reich (Ph.D.) and pediatric researcher Beth Tarini (M.D.) will talk about vaccination policy and newborn screening for genetic conditions as moments of negotiation between mothering, government, and medicine. 

Guynecology: Men, Medical Knowledge, and Reproduction

Rene Almeling, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Public Health at Yale discusses her current research examining the history of medical knowledge-making about men's reproduction and its social and clinical implications.

How Can Gender Socialization Affect Testosterone Levels?

Professor Sari van Anders recently published findings from a study on how gender can modulate testosterone. 

Feminist Science Studies

This program addresses the intersection between feminism and science by bringing 2-4 scholars to campus each year to give public lectures and meet with students and faculty.