2020 Community of Scholars Virtual Symposium

IRWG/Rackham Community of Scholars 2020 Virtual Symposium
IRWG/Rackham Community of Scholars 2020 Virtual Symposium

2020 Community of Scholars Virtual Symposium

The Community of Scholars is an interdisciplinary feminist workshop allowing a select group of doctoral candidates from a range of disciplines—ranging from Comparative Literature to Public Health to Education—to engage with each other in rigorous, generative conversations. This Symposium showcases the research and writing that emerged from an intensive 7-week-long summer workshop. 

Because of the sensitive nature of the scholarship displayed in this Symposium, the videos will be available for public viewing only until December 8, 2020.

Scholars and their Projects:

  • Alexander Aguayo, Comparative Literature, College of LSA: "I say 'mama'": Dawn Lundy Martin's Apostrophic Disfiguration
  • Shanice Battle, Epidemiology, School of Public Health: Measuring Inequities in Exposure to Structural Vulnerability Over Time: Findings from a National Sample of U.S. Adults
  • Kayla J. Fike, Psychology and Women’s Studies, College of LSA: Gender, Race, and Space: A Qualitative Exploration of Young Black Women’s Perceptions of Urban Neighborhoods
  • Elizabeth Harlow, English Language and Literature, College of LSA: Fictions of Progress: U.S. Pragmatism, Feminism, and Social Change 1880-1930
  • Lanora Johnson, Sociology, College of LSA: A Migraine Personified: Dating in Eastern Kentucky
  • HaEun Lee, Health Behavior and Biological Sciences, School of Nursing: The role of Savings and Internal Lending Groups in improving household wealth and financial preparedness for birth in rural Zambia
  • Kyle Nisbeth, Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health: The Toll of Black Motherhood: Measuring the Impact of Racism and Stress on Maternal Mental Health
  • Gordon Palmer, Psychology and Higher Education, School of Education: The Spiritual is Political: Religiosity and Spirituality in Emerging Adult Women of Color's Everyday and Acute Manifestations of Sociopolitical Development
  • Sadiyah Malcolm, Sociology, College of LSA: Violent Silences: Discourses of Power, Culture,  and Sexual Violence against Jamaica’s Girl-Child
  • Shira Schwartz (PhD '20), Assistant Professor, Phyllis Backer Professor of Jewish Studies, Syracuse University: Crossing Compulsions: Eating & Learning Across Yeshivas
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