Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women

book cover with photo of face and text "Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women"
Participants : 
  • Martha S. Jones, Presidential Bicentennial Professor, Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Professor of History, Afroamerican and African Studies, and Adjunct Professor of Law 

  • Megan Sweeney, Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Associate Professor of English Language and Literature, Afroamerican and African Studies and Women's Studies 

  • Tiya Miles, Mary Henrietta Graham Distinguished University Professor of African American Women's History, Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies, American Culture, History, and Women's Studies

Event Date: 
January 18, 2017
Event Time: 
4:10pm to 5:30pm
Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery (Room 100)
book cover with photo of face and text "Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women"

This panel of U-M faculty members will discuss the recent book, Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women (University of North Carolina Press, 2015) edited by Mia E. Bay, Farah J. Griffin, Martha S. Jones, and Barbara D. Savage.

Despite recent advances in the study of black thought, black women intellectuals remain often neglected. This collection of essays by fifteen scholars of history and literature establishes black women's places in intellectual history by engaging the work of writers, educators, activists, religious leaders, and social reformers in the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean. Dedicated to recovering the contributions of thinkers marginalized by both their race and their gender, these essays uncover the work of unconventional intellectuals, both formally educated and self-taught, and explore the broad community of ideas in which their work participated. The end result is a field-defining and innovative volume that addresses topics ranging from religion and slavery to the politicized and gendered reappraisal of the black female body in contemporary culture.

This event is part of IRWG's Gender: New Works, New Questions series and the university's annual MLK Symposium.

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