Yasamin Kusunoki

Professional Title

Assistant Professor - Population Studies Center


Population Studies Center


Yasamin Kusunoki's program of research is largely driven by a reproductive justice framework: that is, every woman has the right to have children, not to have children, and to parent the children she has in a safe and healthy environment. However, there are many factors that interfere with that right, including violence, discrimination, and socioeconomic disadvantage. To that end, Kusunoki's overarching research goal is to understand and address sources of existing disparities in sexual and reproductive health behaviors and outcomes to ultimately improve overall health and wellbeing across the life course. Kusunoki pays particular attention to the dynamic role of young people’s social contexts such as their intimate relationships, families, and communities in contributing to high and differential rates of negative reproductive health outcomes across groups. Specifically, Kusunoki have three lines of research that independently and collectively support her overarching research goal: 1) unintended pregnancy among young women, 2) intimate partner violence and sexual violence during adolescence and emerging adulthood, and 3) trauma-informed care.

Research Interests

community-based research
qualitative research
quantitative research
sexual violence