Terry G. Wilfong

Professional Title

Professor of Egyptology, Middle East Studies


Middle East Studies


Terry Wilfong's work focuses on ancient Egypt and its representation in museums, with a special interest in gender and sexuality. In the past Wilfong has researched the social and economic roles of women in Byzantine Egypt, the discourse of homoerotic relationships in Coptic texts, ancient Egyptian practices and beliefs relating to menstruation, and the gendered treatment of the human body in Coptic martyrdoms. Current and future projects include an examination of magical texts to understand wider cultural and social anxieties in ancient Egypt, an ongoing study of how our understandings of ancient Egypt are represented and constructed by museum displays, and biographical research into archaeological artist Hamzeh Carr and his connections to the expatriate gay community in Cairo in the 1920s and 1930s. Terry Wilfong is also in the early stages of a project to look at possible evidence for transgender individuals in ancient Egypt.

Research Interests