Suzanne Bergeron

Professional Title

Professor, Women's Studies


Women's Studies


Suzanne Bergeron is the Helen M. Graves Collegiate Professor of Women's Studies and Social Sciences. She teaches courses on Sex, Gender and the Body in Development; Gender and Globalization; Economic Development; Feminist Theories, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies; and History of Economic Thought. Her current research traces out the implications of using efficiency arguments to achieve gender equity goals in various areas of development policy, and examines the possibilities for fostering community and solidarity economies in neoliberal times. She has directed or served on numerous Ph.D., M.A. and undergraduate thesis committees, is a member of the International Feminist Journal of Politics editorial board, in the Community Economies Research Network, and part of the Women on the Verge Collective. She is on the Advisory Board of the SOAR program, and founded the WILL program.

Research Interests