Marilee Benore

Professional Title

Professor of Biology and Biochemistry, Women and Gender Studies, UM Dearborn


Natural Sciences


Career disparities and a lack of diversity in (STEM) careers are a global problem. A number of obstacles, hindrances and problems have been identified, leading to a “leaky pipeline”; a loss of STEM women as they advance through their careers. Despite attempts by federal, national and state governments and industry efforts to achieve equitable participation of women in STEM, parity is difficult to achieve. Yet many women persist.

I am gathering information from successful women in STEM to explore what factors aided them. By comparing women in different cultural situations, we can identify similar examples of support, and determine which factors might be personal and which can be attributed to cultural or education factors.

I conduct this research from an “emic” point of view- as a scientist with extensive social science and administrative experience. I am using surveys, oral histories and interviews to determine critical factors, in collaboration with others.

Research Interests

mixed methods research
natural sciences
qualitative research methods
women in STEMM