Lisa Kane Low

Professional Title

Associate Professor - Nursing, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Women's Studies


Obstetrics & Gynecology
Women's Studies


Dr. Kane Low focuses her research on advancing evidence based care practices during childbirth that promote optimal outcomes for childbearing women and their families. She conducts clinical research aimed at answering significant questions about the ways in which women can best be cared for during the process of normal birth particularly during second stage labor to prevent pelvic floor injury. Currently, Dr. Low is involved in a number of NIH-funded and internally grant supported studies focusing on the process of care during childbirth including: Clinical and Non-Clinical Factors Influencing the use of Electronic Fetal Monitoring, the SCOR Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Women’s Pelvic Floor Health During Childbirth directed by Dr. John De Lancey, Promoting Optimal Outcomes to Prevent Prolapse with Dr. Dee Fenner, Defining Events during Second Stage Labor and a prevention and treatment series of projects focused on incontinence in childbearing women and older age women.  

Research Interests

community-based research
mixed methods
qualitative research