Charlotte Albrecht

Professional Title

Assistant Professor - American Culture, Women's Studies


American Culture
Women's Studies


Charlotte Karem Albrecht received her Ph.D. in 2013 in Feminist Studies from the University of Minnesota. Her research interests coalesce around issues of power and subjectivity for Arab Americans and how Arab American experiences, historical narratives, and cultural production have been formed in relation to other minoritized communities. Her analytical approach is particularly concerned with questions of sexuality, race, and gender. Karem Albrecht's first book, An Inconsistent History: Arab American Peddlers and the Making of Sexuality, Gender, and Race, is in progress. It traces the anxieties surrounding Arab American migrant peddlers and their economic networks at the turn of the twentieth century and argues that this profession, which employed large numbers of men and women, constituted Arab immigrants as racial and sexual ‘others.’ 

Research Interests

qualitative research