Call for Proposals for Research on Gender and Global Health

Call for Proposals: The Sisters Fund for Global Health

Announcing 2017 Faculty Seed Grant Awards

Seven faculty members receive funding to develop projects on women, gender, and sexuality.

Be a Victor for Gender Research

Research funded by donations to IRWG illuminates the lived experience of women and the workings of gender inequality throughout society and the world.

New Research Grant from IRWG and SHARP Announced

Now accepting proposals for the Joan Schafer Research Faculty Award in Sport, Fitness, and Disability, which supports projects investigating how living with a physical challenge influences access to and participation in sport and physical activity. 

Announcing 2016 Graduate Student Research Awards

The Institute for Research on Women and Gender has awarded 23 graduate students funding to support wide-ranging projects related to women, gender, and sexuality.

Announcing 2016 Faculty Seed Grant Awards

Six faculty members receive funding to develop projects on women, gender, and sexuality.

Chicana por mi Raza: A National Collaboratory

An IRWG Collaborative Planning Grant supported the development of organizational infrastructure for Chicana por Mi Raza, a digital, central repository for public and private archives, oral histories, and research related to the development of Chicana feminist praxis during the civil rights period.

Pre-meeting Workshops on Gender and Addictions

With a Collaborative Planning Grant from IRWG, this research group planned four workshops on sex differences, gender and addiction, culminating in a graduate course offered in Fall 2013.

Global Feminisms in Russia

The Global Feminisms Project is a collaborative international oral history project that examines the history of feminist activism, women's movements, and academic women's studies in sites around the world. 

Q&A with Jocelyn Fenton Stitt, Program Director for Faculty Research Development

Jocelyn Fenton Stitt serves as an advocate for advancing research on gender or sexuality by finding funding sources and developing grant proposals. Learn more about Dr. Stitt and how she can help faculty members develop their research.