Notice of Intent to Submit a Grant Proposal

If you do not have an appointment with IRWG, the IRWG Director will need to collaborate with your department chair about this proposal submission.
Completed application must be submitted to IRWG at least TWO WEEKS prior to sponsor deadline to ensure adequate processing time at the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects.
Sponsor Request for Application (RFA) or Program Announcement (PA) number
Please choose the type(s) of grant proposal(s) you intend to submit.
Please describe plans for associated cost-sharing.
Subaccounts may be required if funds are requested for P.I., Co-I, or other key personnel salaries.
Please indicate applicable budget items.
Please include preliminary information about budget items, if known.
Please describe any additional information related to your proposal. PEERRS Certification Requirements (Effective June 1, 2005) – Faculty members who are Principal Investigators (PIs) or Co-Investigators (Co-Is) on sponsored projects (including competing renewals) at the UM, must be certified in the PEERRS system before spending on newly established sponsored research projects will be authorized. Applicable projects are those with an effective start date of June 1, 2005 or later. Access to PEERRS certification program can be obtained via website: