Quyen Ngo

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Research Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine Injury Center, IRWG
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1247 Lane Hall
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Dr. Ngo is a licensed clinical psychologist with a dual doctoral degree in clinical psychology and women’s studies. Her research interests broadly concern substance use and co-occurring aggression. Dr. Ngo’s current work focuses on intervention development for at-risk youth, with the goal of reducing alcohol and drug use and partner aggression perpetration. Her work employs mobile health and tele-mental health approaches to leverage current technologies for more efficient and effective mental health assessments and treatment delivery.

Dr. Ngo is also a fellow with the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research and the UM Injury Center where her translational research on behavioral interventions is centered. She was also recently awarded a patient-oriented career development award through the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.


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