Jocelyn Fenton Stitt

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Program Director, Faculty Research Development
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1136 Lane Hall
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Jocelyn Stitt comes to IRWG as a fierce and enthusiastic advocate for the production and dissemination of feminist research. She helps faculty members by finding funding opportunities, translating research agendas into fundable proposals, providing grant development from beginning to submission, and holding workshops on the process of grant writing. Dr. Stitt received her Ph.D. in English and Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan. She was a member of the Gender and Women’s Studies department at Minnesota State University for almost ten years, receiving tenure in 2010. She has co-edited two books and written many articles related to Caribbean cultural studies and feminist mothering studies.

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Top 5 Ways Jocelyn Works with Faculty on Grants

1) Meet with you to talk about your research agenda and what funding opportunities exist in your field.

2) Once funding is identified, we can work on grant writing strategies. For example, some required sections of grant proposals are more challenging than others and we can talk about how to most effectively communicate your research. 

3) Parse out the criteria the grant proposal will be judged by - often I can see this more clearly or differently than the researcher who is heavily involved with highlighting the innovation of their project.

4) Workshop drafts of the grant, matching what you've written to the grant's selection criteria. In my work with faculty at this stage, I move from being your biggest cheerleader to looking for weaknesses in your writing, evidence, or argument.  I read your grant much like an award committee member - what are you assuming I should know that isn't clear? Where is the project actually more innovative than you are taking credit for?

5) Develop with you a draft of the budget and/or timeline. Reviewers sometimes turn to the budget first to get a sense of what you are going to spend their money on. The budget needs to communicate your aims as much as the narrative statement.

Ready to begin? Contact Jocelyn Stitt, Program Director of Faculty Research Development at or 734.764.9537.