Sisters Fund for Global Health


This program supports vital projects that address global health issues related to women and gender. The Sisters Fund seeks to enhance “activist” scholarship or other creative activities that benefit local and global communities experiencing gender-based health disparities. While providing funds for new and emerging work is a priority for this program, requests for support of ongoing programs of research are also considered. Applications from all academic disciplines, including the arts, humanities, and sciences, are welcome and encouraged.

Deadline: The next award cycle will be announced in Spring 2018.


Because this program funds a broad scope of projects, funding ranges widely. We consider requests from $500 to $10,000. We expect most awards to be at the lower end of the range. Applications from those seeking matching funds or cosponsorships from other sources are encouraged.


Tenure-track, nontenure track, or emeritus faculty; clinical faculty; research faculty; and librarians at the University of Michigan are eligible to apply. Applicants are encouraged to include students in project plans, but the principal investigator may not be a student. Members of the institute’s executive committee are not eligible to submit applications.

Proposal Content:

Submit your proposal using the application form below. You will need to attach a single file (pdf, doc, or docx) with the following information:

  1. Project Statement* outlining the goals of the project, plan for conducting the project, and roles of any collaborators on the project
  2. Formal evaluation plan* for evaluating the proposed outcomes of the project.
    1. Applicants should describe either a formative or summative evaluation plan, whichever one is best suited to the proposed project. 
    2. A plan for the protection of human subjects (if relevant to your project). If you are conducting research with human subjects (this includes the evaluation), you must obtain IRB approval before initiating the project.
  3. Budget
    1. Outline budget expenses, including their justification.
    2. Specify contingent budgets.
    3. Any salary expenses must include appropriate calculation of benefits. Please note that summer salary or additional salary for faculty will not be funded.
  4. Curriculum Vitae for the principal investigator and collaborators on the project

*NOTE: Your project statement and formal evaluation plan should be no more than 4 pages total. 

Selection Criteria:

Applications will be judged on the basis of:

  1. quality and significance of the scholarly or creative activity proposed
  2. centrality of activity related to gender-based health disparities in local or global communities;
  3. appropriate attention to issues of race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture, nationality, social class, or other differences among women and men
  4. value of the project to the community
  5. inclusion of an evaluation plan

Contact Person(s):

Jocelyn Stitt, Program Director for Faculty Research Development ( or 734.764.9537)

Post-Award Expectations:

Inform IRWG staff (Heidi Bennett, of presentations and publications for publicity purposes.