IRWG Mcubed Research Incentive

Funding cycle closed.

IRWG is pleased to announce an incentive competition for funded Mcubed collaborations.

What we're looking for:

  • Interdisciplinary projects about women, gender, or sexuality that are new to us (i.e., not currently funded by any of our existing programs)
  • Projects that could benefit from adding a perspective on gender, women, or sexuality but where additional expertise is required
  • Researchers who are interested in becoming active in IRWG’s network of faculty researchers through event planning, research meetings, hosting guest speakers, or other similar interaction
  • Researchers who wish to continue to connect with IRWG resources and researchers post-award
  • Researchers who wish to engage with the IRWG community
  • IRWG will support teams that received Mcubed funding in ANY Mcubed cycle - 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

We can offer:

  • Additional funding to expand your research project (up to $10,000 for a single incentive, though we welcome smaller amounts in order to assist multiple groups; please no budget inflation)
  • Access to a main campus office, meeting, and event space in lovely Lane Hall for building community and sharing ideas (including help with scheduling, event planning, and promotion and advertising by IRWG staff)
  • Access to IRWG’s Expert Advisory Panels (150+ faculty affiliates) available to support you - including proposal review, brainstorming, deepening connections to gender scholars or those outside your team’s fields of expertise

Deadline: The deadline has passed. Please check back for future opportunities.


Faculty research teams that received Mcubed funding in ANY Mcubed cycle - 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

Application Process and Criteria:

  1. A brief description of how IRWG incentive would enhance your current Mcubed project
  2. A budget describing exactly how the proposed additional funds, if any, would be spent, including showing that funds are not already available for the proposed use
  3. A description of proposed activities, events, discussions, or other interactions that your research group would bring to Lane Hall

Please click here to submit the following via IRWG’s InfoReady portal (link opens in a new tab)


  • Convene an IRWG Expert Advisory Panel to workshop your group’s grant proposal
  • Invite an outside faculty member for a talk at Lane Hall
  • Use office space for faculty from Dearborn or Flint to meet with Ann Arbor collaborators
  • Host a brown bag series about your project
  • Use office space to house doctoral students or UROP undergraduate researchers working on your project
  • Host a film screening
  • Set up a working lunch group series or writing group

Contact Person(s):

For IRWG Incentive questions - Contact Anna Kirkland, Executive Director, IRWG at

For Mcubed questions - Contact Wendy Palms at