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Feminist Research Seminar

group photo of 2015 Fall Feminist Research Seminar participants


The IRWG Feminist Research Seminars are small, themed residential conferences bringing together a small group of scholars to address quandaries in theoretical or empirical research related to gender, women and sexuality. They will bring together 10 scholars, including 1-3 organizers. 

Drawing from applications from across the country, these annual seminars will occur in the fall and spring. They offer feminist scholars a unique opportunity to work together, uninterrupted, in an intimate and supportive setting for several days. IRWG Feminist Research Seminars are also designed to encourage connections for future collaboration among participants. 

The effectiveness of the IRWG Feminist Research Seminars derives from their attention to process. They are expressly designed to give the seminar organizers maximum flexibility in inviting other participants and crafting how they will spend their time. Organizers may have asked that participants circulate materials prior to the conference, or ask that some participants make short presentations to get discussions started; the content of the seminar is up to the organizers to achieve the most useful format for participants. The structure, however, builds in and privileges informal exchange among participants; these are not gatherings for passive presentation and reception.

One expectation is that participants will be able to spend the full 2.5 days and 3 evenings at the seminar.

While formats may vary, depending on the needs of the organizer(s) and participants, the main focus of the conference should be individual research problems with which the participants are grappling. Research concerns may be practical, substantive or more personal. They may be broad or narrow. 

Deadline: January 15, 2018


Funding is available for all seminar expenses, including, transportation (also to and from airport), meals, and lodging. Organizers will determine seminar participants. Awards will be announced in March.


Junior and senior tenure-track faculty from the University of Michigan and other institutions are eligible to apply to be seminar organizers.

Application Procedure:

To apply to be an organizer, please complete the form below. You will also need to attach a single PDF file with the following information: 

  • a two-to-three page narrative on the topic, format and seminar goals
  • the organizers’ CVs
  • a list of potential participants with their institutional titles and affiliations (Note: participants should include both junior and senior faculty)


Email feministresearchseminar@umich.edu.

2016-17 Recipients:

Fall 2016: Black Feminist Think Tank
Organizers: Sherie M. Randolph (History, Georgia Institute of Technology); Erica R. Edwards (English, University of California, Riverside)

Spring 2017: Radical Transnationalism: Reimagining Solidarities, Violence, Empire
Organizers: Karen J. Leong (Women and Gender Studies, Asian Pacific American Studies, Arizona State University); Laura Briggs (Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, University of Massachusetts – Amherst); Judy Tzu-Chun Wu (Asian American Studies, University of California, Irvine)

Spring 2017: Meat: A Transnational Exploration
Organizers: Sushmita Chatterjee (Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies, Appalachian State University); Banu Subramaniam (Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, University of Massachusetts – Amherst)

Past Recipients:

Fall 2014Feminist Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies: Instigations, Interrogations, and New Developments
Co-Organizers: Laura Foster (Gender Studies, Indiana University) and Kim TallBear(Anthropology, University of Texas‐Austin)

Spring 2015Feminist Video Documentary Strategies in Social Dissent and Change 
Organizer: Carol Jacobsen (Art & Design, University of Michigan)

Fall 2015: The Problem of Intersex Frogs: A Seminar on Feminism, Disability, and Environmental Justice
Co-Organizers: Elizabeth Reis (Gender Studies, University of Oregon) and Rosemarie Garland Thomson (English, Emory University)

Spring 2016: Talmud Interrupted: Queering the Study of an Ancient Jewish “Classic”
Co-Organizers: Rachel Neis (History, Judaic Studies, University of Michigan), Max Strassfeld (Religious Studies, Transgender Studies, University of Arizona), and Julia Watts Belser (Jewish Studies, Georgetown University)