Transgender Health Research Network

There is a well-established group of researchers working on transgender health at U-M, but they are spread out across units. With funding support from MICHR and IRWG director Anna Kirkland’s research knowledge of the field, IRWG will be a new collaboration hub for bringing together all U-M researchers working on transgender health topics. Participants include key researchers in Medicine, Public Health, Social Work, Nursing, the Institute for Social Research, and LSA. This plan is the first time anyone has tried to organize them across campus.

One of the primary goals of this network is to create research teams that can apply for large extramural project and center grants from the National Institutes of Health. Seven faculty members were awarded “Transgender Health and Empowerment” seed grants in 2019. The funded projects seek to develop innovative tools, useful research infrastructure, or to promote equitable and meaningful research with transgender and non-binary people in empowered ways.