Carol Boyd

Professional Title

Professor of Nursing


Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWG)


Carol Boyd has conducted mixed-method studies that often include advanced technologies to examine the relationship between gender, health and drug, alcohol and nicotine use. Boyd has had extramural funding to conduct mixed-method studies with women crack smokers (1989-1995, NIH funded), prisoners (1999-2004, MDOC and Robert Wood Johnson funded), adolescents and college students (2003-present, NIH funded), and secondary analytic studies focused on substance use among high risk populations, including LGB sub-populations (2016-present, NIH funded) and adolescents and e-cigarette use (2018-present). Carol Boyd has international experiences that include teaching, mentoring and research in China, Ghana, Jamaica, Liberia, Poland, and Zambia.

Research Interests

community-based research
Michigan Medicine
mixed methods
quantitative research